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VA streamline refinance

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Key loan details

Also known as the VA interest rate reduction refinance loan, this mortgage helps homeowners who already have a VA loan lower their interest rate and monthly payment.1 The VA streamline refinance process typically requires less paperwork than a conventional refinance loan.

  • Take advantage of a no cash to close option
  • Refinance without private mortgage insurance
  • Enjoy a reduced funding fee

Who should consider a VA Streamline Refinance?

Current VA loan holders can use the streamline refinance option to secure a lower interest rate and monthly payment. Borrowers whose existing VA loans are with TIAA Bank may be able to refinance with no appraisal required.

VA Streamline Refinance
Other VA streamline refinance terms and rates are also available. Call a loan expert for more details. Don’t have an existing VA loan? Learn more

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