TIAA Bank CRA mission statement

TIAA Bank is committed to serving the credit needs of its entire CRA Assessment Areas (AA), including the needs of low- to moderate-income (LMI) individuals, LMI geographies, small businesses, and community development organizations. TIAA Bank will help meet these credit needs in a safe and sound manner through prudent banking practices.

TIAA Bank has engaged community development organizations in discussions and will seek partnership intended to expand the Bank’s presence and commitment in underserved segments of the communities with identified economic development needs. TIAA Bank will seek relationships with those organizations to help develop and offer products and services that enhance the economic vitality of the community and strengthen TIAA Bank’s reputation not only in the CRA space, but as a key financial institution with a deeply-rooted commitment to doing good. Accordingly, TIAA Bank will observe the following guidelines:

  • TIAA Bank will assure that products and services are prudently and fairly underwritten while also being responsive to the needs of the entire community, including LMI areas and residents
  • Loan terms will reflect consideration of our clients’ ability to repay
  • Loan products will be designed to meet the needs of the communities in which we operate
  • Loan products will be responsive to affordable housing and community development needs
  • TIAA Bank will work with community-based organizations in an effort to develop new products that meet TIAA Bank’s prudent underwriting standards while being responsive to the credit needs of LMI families and geographies
  • TIAA Bank products will be marketed throughout TIAA Bank’s market areas and include a robust online marketing strategy for national internal outreach
  • TIAA Bank will assure that potential creditworthy clients within an AA, including LMI tracts, are aware of the services TIAA Bank offers and that their business is desired
  • TIAA Bank will offer financial literacy, budgeting, and money management programs targeted to persons with limited experience with the banking industry