Seek 10x the performance, with none of the pitfalls

Gain exposure to five emerging market currencies and multiply the CD performance by 10, all with 100% principal protection.

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New 4-year Global Growth MarketSafe CD

Introducing our Global Growth MarketSafe CD, which offers exposure to five emerging market currencies—the Brazilian real, Chinese yuan, Indian rupee, Mexican peso, and Russian ruble—without the downside risk to your principal.

This indexed and U.S. dollar denominated CD features a potential Market Upside Payment based on the equally weighted performance of the underlying currencies versus the U.S. dollar over the CD’s term with a 10x leverage factor. So, if CD performance at maturity is positive, your upside will be multiplied by 10, with no cap.

Account features

  • $1,500 to open
  • 100% protection of deposited principal
  • No monthly account fee
  • FDIC insured
  • IRA eligible

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Five equally weighted currencies

Now could be the perfect time to gain exposure to emerging market currencies. Don’t miss out.

Currency Proportion
Brazilian real (BRL): 20%
Chinese yuan (CNH): 20%
Indian rupee (INR): 20%
Mexican peso (MXN): 20%
Russian ruble (RUB): 20%

CD Term Sheet

Global growth

Explore the potential of emerging market currencies

Return scenarios

Unlimited upside potential. No downside risk.

The Global Growth MarketSafe CD offers a new way to potentially maximize your earnings and diversify your portfolio.

  • Gain exposure to five equally weighted emerging currencies in one indexed, U.S. dollar denominated CD
  • If the performance of the CD at maturity is positive, your upside will be multiplied by 10, with no cap
  • Returns are based on CD performance—no Annual Percentage Yield or periodic rate of interest is paid on the CD and OID reporting rules apply

Please see the full CD term sheet for more details on potential return scenarios and certain CD payout examples.

100% principal protection

If the currencies decrease in value or remain flat, you’ll get back all of your deposited principal at CD maturity.

Unlimited potential upside payment

There’s no cap to your earnings with this CD. So if the currencies’ performance is positive at maturity, the upside will be multiplied by 10. And, you’ll get 100% of your deposited principal.

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