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LoanCare is a national leader in home mortgage servicing, with a reputation for outstanding client service and technical innovation. The company is a unit of Fidelity National Financial, a diversified Fortune 500 financial firm based in Jacksonville, FL.

LoanCare is TIAA Bank’s subservicing partner and is not a debt collection agency. TIAA Bank has partnered with LoanCare to service all of our residential mortgage loans on our behalf. In certain circumstances, federal law requires LoanCare to disclose debt collection information prior to speaking with you. We also provide a similar disclosure in certain customer communications.

There is a seven- to ten-day period following the effective date of the loan transfer for setup and verification of loan information. Once this process is complete, you may register and access your online account. You will also receive a welcome email the day you are able to access your account. To find your new LoanCare loan number, visit the Servicing Transfers page at Scroll down to the section titled "Find Your New Account Number." Once there, fill out the form using your TIAA Bank loan number and the last four digits of your social security number.

You will need to set up new credentials at Once you’ve received an email letting you know that it’s time to log in, visit and choose CREATE ACCOUNT in the upper right corner.

After the transfer, there is a delay between the time when TIAA Bank stops reporting and when LoanCare will begin to report. Once LoanCare begins to report your mortgage loan to the credit bureaus you will be able to see the tradeline on your credit report. The estimated time for the LoanCare reporting is April 1 for loans transferred in February.

While TIAA Bank cannot directly advise regarding credit scores, according to the credit reporting agencies, TIAA Bank’s reporting your mortgage loan as “transferred” or “closed” may be the cause for the change in score. Any time there is a substantial change to your credit report such as a servicing transfer, you may see a temporary change in credit scores until the mortgage account is reported by LoanCare.

While the transfer of servicing of your mortgage loan to LoanCare was accurately reported by TIAA Bank, if you wish to submit a dispute, you may do so directly with the reporting agency or seek to add a comment to your report. Please review the timeframes provided by the credit reporting agency to review the dispute, as the LoanCare reporting may be present before the dispute is reviewed.

P. O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

P. O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013

P. O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

Yes. Visit, register or login to set up automatic payments or make a one-time payment.

Yes. Visit, register or login to set up automatic payments or make a one-time payment.

You can make your check out to or set your bill pay payee as either LoanCare, LLC or TIAA Bank.

No, we will no longer be accepting payments in our Financial Center locations. Once your loan transfers, we encourage you to visit for payment information, including the option to set up automatic payments or to make one-time payments online.

If you made a payment using the old information after the effective date of the servicing transfer, your payment will still be applied to your account, although the posting of your payment will be delayed. Late fees and/or negative credit reporting will not apply for a 60-calendar day period beginning with the effective date of the transfer.

Register at and visit the Your Mortgage Assistance Plan page for information on your plan. You may also contact the LoanCare Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) team by calling 1-800-909-9525.

If you have not yet submitted a mortgage assistance application, please visit and review the information in the Mortgage Assistance section.

If you have a plan established, the plan information will transfer to LoanCare.

If you received notice that your application was complete and under review, we will continue reviewing the application and you will be contacted if additional information is needed.

If you have not yet submitted all documents or information required, please submit the outstanding items to:

LoanCare, LLC
Attention: Mortgage Assistance Department
3637 Sentara Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

TIAA Bank intended to report the servicing transfer to the credit reporting agencies while maintaining the negative credit suppression, but instead your loan was reported as closed in a delinquent status. TIAA Bank is working with the Credit Reporting Agencies to revise what has been reported. Negative reporting suppression during your forbearance plan should continue once LoanCare begins reporting to the credit bureaus.

The changes have no impact on the review and processing of pending home mortgage applications. TIAA Bank home lending professionals will continue working with all pending applicants and will provide seamless service reviewing home mortgage applications.

The changes will have no impact on the closing of TIAA Bank home mortgage loans. Our home lending professionals will continue working with our clients to ensure the smooth, seamless closing of their approved mortgage loans.

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