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Keeping your accounts and money safe and sound

In today’s online world, it’s vital that you have the tools and take the necessary steps to keep your information safe and secure. And we’re here to help.

Your financial information is one of the most important things you can keep secure, and our goal is to provide the protection you need to bank with confidence. Client security is our top priority, and every associate is held to strict privacy and information security rules.

Encryption technology

Our website and app use strong encryption technology to protect your username, password and personal account information. To ensure you are on a web page with encryption, look for “https://” and a lock symbol in your web browser.

Fraud detection

We monitor data in order to detect fraud and unauthorized use. If we notice suspicious activity on your account, we may contact you by phone, text, email or mail to confirm you have authorized that purchase.

Web Safety Guarantee

Our Web Safety Guarantee provides protection for certain lost or misdirected funds and bill payment fees. See full guarantee coverage details 

Our associates

We believe we are defined by how we behave and never compromise the integrity and high ethical standards we expect from our associates. You can rest assured that we have policies and procedures in place regarding the way we expect associates to protect your confidential information (including your account and personal information), as well as guidelines to restrict how we use and share information for certain processes and transactions.

We’ve instituted policies, procedures, associate training and communication programs designed for the purpose of protecting your information. The following are some examples of how we protect your information:

  • Restricting access to NPI (nonpublic personal information) to only those persons within the business who need to know the information in order to process or service client accounts
  • Requiring third parties doing business with us to comply with all applicable privacy and security laws
  • Maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal and state standards to safeguard NPI

Those who become victimized by identity theft often face significant personal stress and the potential for financial loss. For our clients with a TIAA Bank debit card, if you ever become a victim of identity theft, you may qualify for up to $1,000 in reimbursement coverage for certain identity theft-related expenses.

Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. For further details, please refer to our Guide to Benefits 

We’re pleased to be a direct provider of Trusteer Rapport, a leading software solution that will button up the security of your computer when banking with us online.

Trusteer Rapport keys in on crime
  • Prevents malware from tampering with online transactions
  • Removes malicious malware from computer
  • Sends reports of malware and phishing attempts
  • Protects online banking login information
  • Shows you when you are on an unprotected site
  • Works with installed antivirus software

When it comes to online banking security, our goal is to make sure your business is covered at every contact point. We utilize a multi-layered approach to help protect you against fraud and identity theft, and to make sure our own systems are just as secure.

Business online banking safety and security

Our Business Online Banking secure banking platform provides multiple security features, including strong encryption technologies, account number masking and authentication methods that can help prevent cross-site scripting (hacking).

Two-factor authentication

We’ve added an extra layer of security to your account login experience with a two-factor authentication feature, which can help stop unauthorized access to your account. We will employ this security measure at times when our system detects a potential threat. This feature utilizes two different components to log in—a password and a token or authentication code. For companies using our wire or ACH services two-factor authentication is required at every login.

Stop payment

Using the Business Online Banking platform, you can conveniently issue a stop payment on a single or multiple checks from anywhere with Internet access—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—to help prevent fraud from a lost or stolen checkbook.

ACH positive pay

Within the Business Online Banking platform, our ACH positive pay service features real-time management, including the ability to update rules for incoming ACH debits, review and return ACH debits that are presented as exceptions, and give instructions for payments and returns.

Check positive pay

Also within the Business Online Banking platform, this service allows businesses to upload a ‘checks issued’ file that identifies a check’s routing number, account number, check number, check amount and payee information. If the details don’t match when a check is presented for payment, a list of exceptions will be presented to you within Business Online Banking, allowing for the determination of which checks will be paid or returned.

Our commitment

Our Web Safety Guarantee

We can’t emphasize enough how dedicated we are to making sure you trust us with your money. So we let our guarantee do the talking.

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